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What a College Student Really Needs

When children head off to college, it’s easy to focus on the physical task.

What to pack.

What to drive.

What classes to take.

But don’t forget insurance, legalities and other considerations that are often overlooked:


Car Insurance


  • Will the student be eligible for a “good-student discount” on premiums? Are other discounts available?
  • Is the student taking a vehicle to school? Will the coverage be adequate? Families may also save on premiums if the student lives outside the home and won’t be driving a covered vehicle.


Health insurance

  • The family’s current coverage may not be adequate. Check to see what treatments are covered.
  • Check to see which providers are considered ‘in network- in the campus area.


Legal documents


  • Once a student/child turns age 18,  parents can’t automatically receive information about, or make medical decisions for, their child. It’s a good idea to establish basic privileges  in advance, such as:
    • HIPAA authorization - Without this parents may not be able to find out how their child is doing or make decisions about treatment during emergencies.
    • Medical power of attorney
    • Durable power of attorney
    • If the student is enrolled in an out-of-state college, additional documents may need to be prepared in the school state.


Credit and Spending


  • Parents can protect themselves and their children from many forms of identity theft by freezing a student’s credit report.
  • Freezing a credit reports also prevents the student from opening a credit card or borrowing money without the parent’s permission.


Fortify Group agents are happy to share expertise on the insurance side of the college years. (Especially Joe Kamler - he has one first-year college student and four more with plans to go!

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