Top 10 Reasons to Choose Fortify Group

Selecting a realtor is a challenge; it involves finding someone who will represent you and the dwelling you’re selling well, present options to prospective clients in ways that are appealing, find the best deal, and advocate for you in deal-making and deal-closing.  These and other things are just a few elements of realtors that play into the thinking of those who sell homes, and these and other elements all contribute to decisions people make about which realtor to choose.  

At Fortify Group, we know the criteria that most people use to choose relators and we understand that some of these criteria are not always the most robust.  For this reason, we want to give you the top ten reasons why we are the best realtor for your needs.  Our list includes the most important criteria for selecting a relator and illustrate how and why we meet these criteria:    


#1: Realtors in the Truest Sense of the Word


All realtors are required to follow a strict Code of Ethics, which dictates that realtors provide their clients with as many options as possible and act in clients’ best interests at all times.  From helping find the best realtor for a particular dwelling to presenting the dwelling strategically to communicating effectively with clients and sellers in order to strike a balance of price and product, realtors are required to act as liaisons between parties, facilitate sales, and close deals with attention to detail, fluidity, and ease. 


At Fortify Group we represent clients, effectively maintain and sell dwellings, and communicate strategically with potential buyers in order to facilitate sales and ensure client satisfaction.  We are dedicated to delivering the finest realty experience possible.  


#2: A Multi-listing Service and Connectivity


A good portion of selling well is knowing people, whether these people are other sellers, relators, buyers, or other.  Knowing people leads to relationships and relationships are keys to selling effectively.  In other words, connectivity counts.  At Fortify Group we are connected and we go where the people are.  This keeps us informed, enables us to reach out to a broader network of people than other agents, and helps make selling easier.


Outside of our own network, we are on, which is a multi-listing service that connects realtors and buyers nationwide. is where the people are, and being on this site has helped us connect with sellers and buyers from Ohio to California.  In fact, 91% of people who list a house for sale list the house on  We’re proud to be active members of this site and to reach out to people on the site.  As a result of being on, we are YOUR local multi-listing site connection!


#3: Results – diverse and numerous


A seller has to close deals in order to be successful.  No matter what else he or she brings to the table, the seller must close deals.  At Fortify Group we know and honor this and make deal-closing an integral part of our business.  We sell aggressively, strategically, and honorably, and we’re proud of this.  As a result of our efforts we’ve sold $9 million in real estate transactions over the last three years.  This amount is a mark of our skill, dedication, and aptitude. 


We sell dwellings of all kinds and make deals of all magnitudes.  This is one reason why our sales are so numerous and the financial windfalls that have resulted from these sales are so substantial.  We don’t select selling opportunities based on too-stingy criteria; we are open to good opportunities wherever they are and whenever they are available.


#4: Responsibility and Incredible Effort


Selling a house on one’s own is a tough thing to do.  There are myriad things to worry about, including pricing, advertising, listing, staging, showing, and ensuring that deal details are adequate.  Each of these things takes significant research, which requires great time and effort.  For this reason and others, 88% of all home sellers hire a professional to sell their homes; it makes the job easier and takes a huge burden off of the sellers.


We know our industry and the particulars of being successful in this industry well, and we use our knowledge to deliver the best services to clients.  We know laws, stipulations, and practices that are hard to master if one is not a professional realtor, and as a result our clients are better served than these clients would be if they sold their homes on their own.  From the first meeting to the cookies on the table during a showing, we take care of it all.  



#5: We’re Local – Pride in our Community and Dedication to helping it grow


We’re from and live in the areas we serve, and as a result we have intimate knowledge of the people in these areas and the ins and outs of realty in these areas.  This knowledge, combined with our decades of experience, make us to finest option for home selling in Southeast Nebraska. 


We not only know our service areas well but we’re invested in helping these areas grow.  As businesspeople we endeavor to do our best and keep purchases being made and to untimely help people own homes.  This helps grow the economy and improves the areas we serve socially.  We make every effort we can, whether it is contacting lenders, making introductions and/or referrals, or talking with clients at odd hours to help deals come closer to being closed.  Our efforts represent a true dedication to helping the places we live and work be better.


#6: Staging and Preparation – make the buyer want it!


Staging is an integral part of presenting, and presenting is essential in realty.  The appeal of a home must be maximized in order to attract and rope in a potential buyer.  At Fortify Group we stage with great attention to detail and with a keen eye for show.  We adapt our staging efforts to each seller and to prospective desires of buyers.  This way, homes sell as fast as possible and for the right amounts.


 We want to hear buyers say, “I can see hosting Christmas in here!"


#7: Preparation and Education – making ourselves the best we can be!


Every realtor in Nebraska must have a minimum number of hours of education related to realty and essential knowledge.  We educate ourselves far beyond this minimum number of hours and hone our senses and fine-tune our bodies of knowledge regarding realty.  This effort to stay informed and to be attuned is a reflection of our dedication to performing as well as we can and to being good businesspeople; it serves clients who are both buyers and sellers.  


We think of this as being smart; smart equals success.


#8: Pricing – Strategy and Equality


Part of selling is enticing buyers with price, but price alone cannot be counted on entice buyers completely.  Price is strategic; it draws people in and also adequately reflects the value of a home being sold.  Market analyses and experience inform our choices for home prices and we work with these prices as deals come closer to being closed.  We honor the needs and requests of sellers as we adjust price for the sake of deal-closing, but also follow our instincts; what’s right is right.  


Price is a function of every party involved in a sale, and it is adapted according to the best interests of all parties.


#9: Continuous Effort – no finish line in sight


Homes have ever-uncovered elements and these elements bring surprises to homeowners for as long as they own homes.  For this reason among others, realtors’ jobs are never done; realtors are required to be of service to buyers and sellers indefinitely.  It’s part of the work we do.  From leaky pipes to unexpectedly awesome tiling, there are things of note that realtors have to react to.  Call us at odd hours of the night; if there’s something to be addressed, we’ll handle it.  


If you need a referral, we’ll give you one.  If you need copies of records, we’ll supply you with the records.  If you need help communicating with individuals related to a sale, we’ll help you communicate.  Just contact us with your request and we’ll get the request taken care of.


  #10: Progress – We don’t sit still and we embrace new things


Successful business people don’t rest on laurels or remain stagnant; they embrace new technologies, ideas, concepts, and discoveries.  Doing so makes their realities more full and meaningful and it allows businesspeople to serve their clients better.  At Fortify Group we incorporate new technologies, trends, demands, and products into our services, and we and our clients are better for it.  From mobile apps to conferencing to docu-signed paperwork to new lawyers and inspectors, we work with what and who is best for our clients and for our business.


  As we embrace all of this newness we remember to make it easy for our clients to understand, use, and benefit from what’s new. We are ushers, so we usher our clients through every process they need to go in order to get the best deals and be the happiest and most satisfied clients they can be.


Where do we go from here?


We embrace every factor that goes into making the best deals on behalf of clients and move forward.  Contact us or give us a call to learn more or speak with an agent.


Fortify Group is proud to provide realty services in Geneva, Shickley, and North Platte, NE.  We also serve other areas in the state, including Fillmore, Thayer, and Lincoln Counties.  We serve Iowa, Kansas, and Arizona as well.  


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