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Proactive Agents with a Passion for Selling on your Behalf


We’ve sold real estate for more than 40 years and are dedicated to representing sellers in presentation and in contract, creating the best deals, and supporting buyers and sellers.  Our agency is independently owned and operated and serves property owners and property buyers in Southeast Nebraska.   Our agents embrace progressive technologies and communication venues to enable faster and easier information exchanges and to facilitate more efficient deal-closing.  Our agents also stay on top of market trends and local demands so that opportunities can be seized and meaningful actions can be taken.


We’re local and have an intimate understanding of the demands of property owners in our service areas.  We also have the resources of a national firm and the ability to facilitate and close deals on any scale.  Combined, our knowledge, experience, and resources make us the finest option for real estate in Southeast Nebraska.  


What we do


At Walter Real Estate we sell residential, commercial, and agricultural property.  We’re aggressive, detailed, and strategic.  Our selling services extend beyond practical interactions with clients to instruction and guidance that make the real estate experience fuller and more meaningful for the people we serve.  We usher our clients through every step of each process involved in bringing properties to market, selling properties, and closing deals.  Our approach begins with consultations with clients in which we gain firm understandings of the properties we sell and of sellers’ goals.  These consultations are followed six other steps, which are listed below.


1.     Buying power analysis

2.     Option search

3.     Option evaluation

4.     Staging, showing, and selling

5.     Closing

6.     Ongoing support


Closing is a large step in the process of selling a property.  It involves careful examination of contracts and consultations with legal professionals to ensure that no detail is overlooked.  Throughout this process, we work closely with clients to help them make sure that every element of every deal is appropriate.  


We believe firmly that our jobs never end; we support buyers and sellers long after sales are made.  Buyers revisit contracts in light of new information about purchased properties from time to time and need information from realtors.  Sellers revisit past transactions and need relevant information from realtors as well.  Some parties need referrals or just have questions that need to be answered.  Regardless of the need a client has, we meet the need by helping the client achieve his or her objective.  This is a hallmark of our operation.  


What makes us special?


Memberships, relationships, and connectivity


We’re members of a national multi-listing network of agents that helps us locate potential properties, buyers, and sellers.  Membership in this network helps us identify opportunities in markets and capitalize on these opportunities.  We’re listed on Realtor.com and use this site also to identify opportunities and take advantage of these opportunities.  We’re members of the National Association of Realtors and are in the process of becoming a part of the Blue River Board of Realtors, which is another multi-listing network. 


In other words, we’re connected, and connectivity is essential to selling effectively.  


Our history and performance


We’ve sold $3 million in deals over the last three years.  No deal is too big or too small or too differentiated in any way to deter us from attempting to close it.  For this reason, we close more deals progressively over time and continuously broaden our network of buyers, sellers, and properties.  We’re growing and as a result become more effective realtors. 


We voluntarily adhere to the Realtor® Code of Ethics, which defines realtors’ duties and obligations and dictates that realtors always act in clients’ best interests and strike the best deals possible.  Close adherence to this Code is not performed by many small-town agencies as there is a financial commitment involved and it requires time and effort.  It also constrains operations in ways that may not be convenient for relators.  However, we adhere to this Code fully and are proud of it and are better for it.


Live and breathe our work


We take our work very seriously and this work is an integral part of our lives.  We live it and breathe it, in fact.  We deliver a comprehensive experience for every client – from top to bottom and from beginning to end (there really IS no end to what we do) we are your confidant, collaborator, and guide.  We lead the charge, take the burden of details off of you, and facilitate the deal you want.  Count on us to be as passionate about helping you take the next step as you are.


What's next?


 If you would like to learn more or speak with an agent, please contact us or give us a call.  We’ll be happy to speak with you.


Walter Real Estate is proud to provide realty services in Geneva, Shickley, and North Platte, NE.  We also serve other areas in the state, including Fillmore, Thayer, and Lincoln Counties.  We serve Iowa, Kansas, and Arizona as well.


Our Locations

Fortify Group - Geneva

209 S. 10th St. PO Box 424
Geneva, NE 68361
Main office: 402-759-3300

Fortify Group - Shickley

207 N. Market St. PO Box 193
Shickley, NE 68436
Main office: 402-627-2055

Our Providers


At a big company what you don't get is that feeling of home; that feeling someone is taking care of you. That has been really nice here.
Dave H.
Thank you,Karla! I really appreciated your knowledge and expertise during this home buying experience! So glad we have you in Geneva!
Shelbi P.
I enjoy our conversations, Karla. You are fun to be around and so authentic. I appreciate that and you! Now go eat some football snacks and relax!
Barbara S.
Fortify has always been there for us and put us with the experts that have taken care of us.
Terry H.
"I really appreciate everything you have done for me. I learned so much from (Realtor) Karla. I just don't know what else to say but a huge THANK YOU."