Why Fortify?

As your trusted source for insurance and real estate, we understand the needs of our customers and the integral way our services shape their lives. Fortify Group is proud to offer unique services to cater to all areas of your insurance needs as well as buying, selling, and protecting your property -- all in one place.

Our agents are proactive and passionate about representing you in the best possible way. 

Insurance: Insurance through Fortify Group protects you, your family, and your property and offers customized policies according to your individual needs. Our agents are dedicated to continuous education in the industry in order to improve their practice and ensure our customers receive the most relevant and current information. 

We represent more than 20 insurance companies nationwide,  which helps our customers find the most complete coverage and best value. As independent agents, we don’t have quotas to meet. We are free to look at each customer and serve as a risk advisor and advocate.

Real Estate: With decades of experience in real estate in South Central Nebraska, we have an intimate understanding of customers and the market in our service areas. Our goal is to ease the stress whether you are buying or selling real estate and ensure the details are handled.  To accomplish this, we participate in additional training hours and seek leadership roles in our industry.

Fortify Group is a member of a multi-listing service that connects Realtors® and buyers and sellers nationwide benefiting our buyers and sellers. 

We also adhere to the Realtor® Code of Ethics, which defines our obligations to customers to ensure we act on their behalf and provide them with as many options as possible.

Tiffany W. is pictured at work with a brick stone background. She gave Fortify Group testimonial comment.
Saved me almost $75 per month!! Definitely worth a quote!
Tiffany W.
The Hejny Family
Personal service is huge to us. We like to stay connected to people. With Fortify we feel less like clients and more like extended family.
Terry & Pam Hejny
Jeff and Sally Row in their shop
It's nice to get guidance from people you know and can have a conversation with.
Jeff Row