Farm Life Photos

The camera captures the last rays of a fall harvest day. The sky is almost black, with the last reds and oranges sinking into the horizon.

As part of National Ag Week, we asked our Facebook friends to post their favorite photos of farm life. It gave us a fun glimpse into the daily lives of local farm families. We received images of adorable barn cats, 4H shows, tiny goats and pigs, little ones on farm equipment and horses, and even two cows licking a newborn calf!

We picked a beautiful harvest sunset scene and three curious cows as our winners. Thanks again to all who shared! 

Jeff and Sally Row in their shop
It's nice to get guidance from people you know and can have a conversation with.
Jeff Row
The Hejny Family
Personal service is huge to us. We like to stay connected to people. With Fortify we feel less like clients and more like extended family.
Terry & Pam Hejny
Tiffany W. is pictured at work with a brick stone background. She gave Fortify Group testimonial comment.
Saved me almost $75 per month!! Definitely worth a quote!
Tiffany W.
Jen Griifith is pictured by the brick front pillars of the Shickley Community Center, where she works as the village clerk. She has long, dark hair and is wearing a pink blouse.
“Everyone has their forte in life. Insurance is not mine. I wanted to find someone I could trust...It was easy to trust Joe and Roxie and I was comfortable asking them questions.” Jen Griffith
Jen Griffith