Happy Left-handers' Day!

Joe (Fortify Group owner) sits at a right-handers' desk to demonstrate the logistical challenge of being a lefty.
Fortify Group lefties Joe and Rebecca write side-by-side in honor of Lefthanders' Day.

We had some fun when the lefties were left alone in the Shickley office just before International Left-Handers Day (Aug. 13).

Joe and Rebecca are 2 left-handers outnumbered by 6 righties at Fortify Group. So we commiserated on desks with no left armrests, school scissor woes, and the unfairness of the right-handed world in general. (We covered a lot of ground). :) 

Joe demonstrated how tricky it is to fill in at a right-oriented desk and both southpaws sat together to show how much sense the world could make if left-handers could always sit next to each other. (Note the perfect symmetry and elbow space.)

So here's to all the wonderful lefties out there (and the right-handers who understand them). Enjoy your day!  

In honor of the day, take a quiz to learn how left-or-right-handed you really are:

 https://www.lefthandersday.com/tour/how-left-are-you#.XzVp9ChKiUk or check out some lefty facts.

Fun facts:

*Left-handedness is found to be more common in twins, in fact twice as common.

*Approximately 10 -13 percent of the population are southpaws.

*Most left-handers draw figures facing to the right.

*Left-handers usually reach puberty 4 to 5 months after right-handers.

*Four of the five original designers of the Macintosh computer were left-handed.

*One in four Apollo astronauts were left-handed – 250% more than the normal level.

*Lefties get to claim eight presidents among their ranks, as well as Babe Ruth, Ty Cobbs, Jimi Hendrix, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, Bill Gates, Marie Curie, Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, Mozart, Michelangelo, Oprah and many more!

A ring of shiny silver keys hang on a key hook on a maple board. The keys include one key in the shape of a house.
We are so thankful we had Karla as our Realtor! Thanks for holding on with us, through the roller coaster of homes and decisions, to find the right fit.
Zech and Hillary Rose
Brett Beavers, owner of Beavers Dairy, is seated in his office. A image of a Holstein cow is pictured on the cabinet behind him.
Comprehensive insurance is so important. When you do something of this scale, managing risk is key. If you are laying everything on the line you have to consider every scenario.
Brett Beavers of Beavers Dairy
Jen Griifith is pictured by the brick front pillars of the Shickley Community Center, where she works as the village clerk. She has long, dark hair and is wearing a pink blouse.
Everyone has their forte in life. Insurance is not mine. I wanted to find someone I could trust...It was easy to trust Joe and Roxie and I was comfortable asking them questions.
Jen Griffith
Tiffany W. is pictured at work with a brick stone background. She gave Fortify Group testimonial comment.
Saved me almost $75 per month!! Definitely worth a quote!
Tiffany W.
The Hejny Family
Personal service is huge to us. We like to stay connected to people. With Fortify we feel less like clients and more like extended family.
Terry & Pam Hejny
Jeff and Sally Row in their shop
It's nice to get guidance from people you know and can have a conversation with.
Jeff Row