Insurance Carriers Announce Changes in Response to COVID-19

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Currently there are many more questions than answers regarding COVID-19 and insurance, but a few of our insurance carriers shared the ways they are responding to the crisis, particularly in billing.

See their responses and information below by company and, as always, contact your Fortify Group agent with any questions you may have: 

Medica - "On March 18, the President signed a new federal law that includes important coverage changes. The law states that for the duration of the national emergency declaration, cost-sharing is waived for COVID-10 diagnostic testing and office visits, urgent care and ER visits affiliated with the diagnostic testing. This change would apply to Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, self-funded groups, fully-insured groups and individual health insurance coverage." 

Progressive - "We understand that a number of customers will be affected by the spread of the coronavirus and we’re prepared to help address unanticipated financial hardship they may be facing as a result. Our service representatives are ready to help with billing and payment issues, including the possible movement of billing due dates. Customers whose employment and income have been directly affected by this situation can alert their independent insurance agent, who will contact us, or they may call Progressive directly at 877-776-2436. Customers also have access to their policy information any time through online servicing. Visit our Contact Us page for convenient contact information. "


Nationwide - "Nationwide continues preparing for potential impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) by testing our systems and capabilities to ensure we can leverage work-from-home capabilities as well as our multiple locations across the country to support critical business operations. 

Our top priority is the health and wellbeing of our associates, distribution partners, and customers. We are implementing a progressive work-from-home policy for many of our associates beginning March 16, through April 3. In recent years, we’ve made significant investments to allow our associates to work from home and are well prepared for events like this.

  • We appreciate your understanding that your experience with us may be a little different in the short-term. We’ll take advantage of the ability to connect virtually with you and, during this period, you may choose to take advantage of our self-service options or request an automated call-back, where we’ll hold your place in line and call you back when you choose.
  • Our Claims teams are ready to serve your customers in their time of need, and we’re implementing procedures to keep both your customers and our associates safe." 

Travelers – "Travelers is offering billing support to its customers who are financially affected by the actions being taken to reduce the spread of COVID-19 virus.  Please alert your independent insurance agent if you have questions on setting up special billing arrangements."


Continental Western Group --"CWG is adapting our services to provide you with the personalized service and care that you have come to expect from us.

Flexible Billing Options - The efforts to contain and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 through social distancing are important steps to help protect our most vulnerable citizens. However, these actions have also placed a significant strain on businesses of all types and sizes. If you are experiencing financial hardship because of the situation related to COVID-19 and are concerned about meeting your insurance payment obligations, please contact your independent insurance agent or our billing department directly. We want to help and can personalize a payment plan that works for you to help alleviate some financial stress.

Epay Express: During these turbulent times, we also encourage you to utilize our online bill pay service, which is not only convenient but also enables faster service. You can submit payments at any time, including weekends, ensuring timely receipt of payments directly to CWG. You can securely submit a payment with just your account number and Authentication Code (found at the top of any billing statement). Credit Card Payments: Effective immediately CWG will be accepting credit card payments from MasterCard®, Visa® American Express® and Discover®. To make a credit card payment, call 1-877-631-0354, and have your Account Number and Authentication Code (found at the top of any billing document) ready for reference."

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