Thanks to Ben Hoarty and Hoarty Recycling!

We owe a big 'thanks' to Ben Hoarty and Hoarty Recycling. Fortify added a few more recycling bins at the Fillmore County Fairgrounds this year and partnered with Hoarty Recycling on the project.

Ben has a growing business - one that combines his interest in the environment and love for his hometown. He is a 2016 Fillmore Central graduate and former Homecoming King! (And when your birthday - April 22nd - lands on Earth Day, recycling is practically a calling.)

We sat down with Ben for a few minutes to learn more about him. His goal is to make Hoarty Recycling a stepping stone to a bright future. Get to know Ben and his business in this short Q & A:

Q: What made you interested in recycling?*

A: I'm just trying to support the community of Geneva...Some places are filled with garbage. They are not pretty. I want to keep this going so people want to come here and look for new opportunities...I love the environment and pretty much every living thing.

*There was also a YouTube video I watched. A Hollywood actor did it. He's funny and he talked about how important this is. Especially (recycling) plastics. *(Matt Damon, co-founder of

Q: How did you get started in recycling?

A: I started off small with just a few customers, customers who wanted to recycle as much as I did because recycling can save lives...We made flyers and posters. My family helped. I take recycling away for customers when they need me; when they are out of room. It only costs $5. I started about two years ago. Business has grown. I go to homes and businesses.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself. What would you like people to know about you?

A: Pretty much anything you need to know about me you will know by going to my YouTube video. My sister helped me make it. It's called Peace on Earth. I put a lot of stuff in there... I have a little Shih Tzu named Belle... I help the elderly, with Meals on Wheels. I like to support people when they need me. Recycling is the cause that makes me happy. It's the cause that will help benefit people in some way. Sometimes people think life is boring. If you have a cause in your job, let the cause drive you and make you happy.

Q: Can you share some info from your YouTube video?

A: I have autism spectrum disorder... I can be a little shy... Some things are hard for me in life, but I believe in myself and that I can make a difference in the world if people give me a chance...I could be a leader!

Q: What are your interests or hobbies?

A: I like to be on top of things. How can you do that? By going to the Internet. Researching. That 's why I know it only takes 5 degrees of global warming to super heat the earth and destroy much of the environment. That's something people should hear about.

Q: What did you think when you learned about the opportunity to add more recycling at the fairgrounds?

A: The fair? I feel awesome...It will help and it's great for the community.

Q: Describe what products end up in your van at the end of a recycling pick-up?

A: Newspapers, magazines, pop cans. Tin cans. Corrugated cardboard. The cardboard has to be separated. I didn't ask why. I just did it. Plastic bags go to York and glass has to go to other places that take it.

Q: What's in the future for Hoarty Recycling?

A: Well, this put the idea into people's heads in Geneva. People recycle without my help too. Because of my brochures and info. They don't have to just take their trash to the dump. (Recycling) will grow...I do what I can do as just me, Benjamin Charles Hoarty.

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