Homeowner's Insurance

Few things tell as much about us as our homes. Whether it’s growth charts on door jambs, a mudroom packed with outdoor gear or a home office - one glance shares a picture of the life inside and what’s central to it.

Your home insurance should tell your story as well, from the nuts and bolts of roof materials and square footage to the people inside: Someone earns their living in this home. Someone spends every free minute playing in a band. Someone loves to cook. Someone just got married. Someone wishes they could relax in their home more, but a pile of basketball shoes, dance costumes, and artwork say that won’t happen for a while.

Your Fortify Group agent will get to know you and talk all-things home with you, like replacement-cost insurance, why flooding is covered in a separate policy, and, if you insist, which is better: charcoal, gas or Traeger?

More importantly, they will compare coverage from multiple insurance carriers and look for discounts as you insure your home -- in every sense of the word.

Learn more about homeowners’ insurance, including the average cost of a policy nationwide, in this Trusted Choice article: https://www.trustedchoice.com/homeowners-insurance/

Jeff and Sally Row in their shop
It's nice to get guidance from people you know and can have a conversation with.
Jeff Row
The Hejny Family
Personal service is huge to us. We like to stay connected to people. With Fortify we feel less like clients and more like extended family.
Terry & Pam Hejny