In general terms, boat insurance covers watercraft with motors. That’s a short way to describe a category that includes boats ranging from yachts and sailboats to houseboats, fishing boats, pontoons and some personal watercraft.

Just as your home insurance would differ if you lived in a small bungalow vs. a roomy mansion, boat insurance should line up with your model, its use and its value.

Understanding boat insurance takes some navigating. Here are just a few important facts to keep in mind:

*Most homeowner’s policies can’t adequately cover a boat. (You may get a discount for having both home and boat insurance, but one generally can’t cover both.)

*You may be able to suspend coverage during specified periods when the boat is not in use.

*Your boat policy won’t cover your boat when on land, but (oddly) some auto policies will cover the boat on land (but with different limits.)

*Your boat may not be covered in all locations.

*Some boat insurance underwriters offer policy discounts for safety features and training, like boating classes.

You may be advised to purchase an umbrella policy in addition to your boat insurance, protecting you from the large liability issues that could come with boats and time on the water. Trusted Choice shares in-depth details about this unique form of insurance:

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